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On Distractions…

The Lesson: You can sign up for 27 different motivational emails to be sent to you daily. It doesn’t help you (or anyone) IF YOU DON’T READ THEM!

Doing a clean out of my email this morning, I read one of the motivational emails I signed up for in June (or July). It said to let go of perfection. It’s something I know and something I know I need to do. So this is what I’m doing. I’m not going to focus on the distraction of losing my blog. (Which is the reason I haven’t been writing) I’m also not going to focus on how my page is a work in progress. I’m going to write, slowly, then maybe a little bit more (and faster) and work on the back end (the boring,tedious part) at the same time. I’m going to play with colors and layouts, and hope that you will bear with me in the meantime. 

Because if I wait on perfection, the only time I might be writing is when I’m emailing Lays for discontinuing my favorite Kettle Cooked chips flavor. 

Mind you, that was a very important email.

Celestial Seasonings also discontinued my favorite flavor of chai. I’m still upset about it.

Ironically, the series of emails was how to write more consistently. But I guess sometimes you need to be ready to receive the message. 

Even though it’s been in my email since June.

I’ve missed you…